Meet the Developers

The team behind the Scheduler!

The following are the developers and their roles who worked on Scheduler.
(in no particular order)

Sulaiman Abdulazeez Sulaiman Abdulazeez
Chief Software Architect
Idea & Project Manager

Major: COE
Abdulaziz Albaiz Abdulaziz Albaiz
Lead Programmer
Preferences page

Major: COE (masters)
Fawzi Mudawar Fawzi Mudawar
Input gateway development
Major: COE
Fahed Al-Mogbil Fahed Al-Mogbil
Special input cases control
Major: SWE
Iyad Al Aqel Iyad Al Aqel
Conflicts checking algorithm
Major: SWE
Abdurrahman Al-Kalaji Abdurrahman Al-Kalaji
GUI design specifications
Major: SWE
El-Hebri Khiari El-Hebri Khiari
GUI development
Major: COE
Noor Shinwari Noor Shinwari
Timetable generation engine
Major: COE
Ahmed Aman Ahmed Aman
Timetable generation engine
Major: SWE
Naif Abdulwahid Naif Abdulwahid
Timetable drawing algorithms
Major: COE
Mohammed Maalej Mohammed Maalej
Timetable display algorithms
Major: COE
Amjad Ali Amjad Ali
Web development, iKFUPM
admin, Beta Tester

Major: ICS

Minimum System Requirements:

Help us improve!

So you have used our software and surely some of you have suggestions and ways to improve it. If you think you are that one, let us know how you can contribute to improving the Scheduler!

Other contributors:

Thanks to the following people for their useful comments, criticism and suggestions that helped us during the Scheduler's development and beta testing process.

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Scheduler Beta! makes creating timetables for KFUPM students a breeze. The work that once took hours, can now be done in less than 5 minutes! Try Scheduler Beta!

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