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On this page we will post news and updates related to Scheduler:

29th June 2010
- Moved iKFUPM to a new server.
- More than 16,000+ hits.

18th May 2010
- Scheduler mirror websites is up. Click here (Hosted on a different server)
Currently Down.

16th May 2010
- Summer courses problem fixed.
- Exclude/Include option for closed sections.
- 10000+ page views in 1 week.

11th May 2010
Fixed some bugs, improved screen 1 to screen 2 progression.
- Version updated to 0.2
- Facebook "Like" button added on all pages - click it if you liked Scheduler!

8th May 2010
- Scheduler Beta! v0.1 released.
- Link to Scheduler Beta! posted on RegWeb.
- 3000+ page views in 24 hrs.

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Help us improve!

So you have used our software and surely some of you have suggestions and ways to improve it. If you think you are that one, let us know how you can contribute to improving the Scheduler!


Scheduler Beta! makes creating timetables for KFUPM students a breeze. The work that once took hours, can now be done in less than 5 minutes! Try Scheduler Beta!

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  • Tutorial
  • Main Screen
  • Course Select
  • Preferences Page
  • Combinations
  • Done!

4 Simple Steps

  • 1. Visit the Registrar Website.
  • 2. Copy the courses/sections you want.
  • 3. Paste the text into our program.
        Repeat for other courses.
  • 4. Click Submit and voilĂ !