Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your issue please contact us by via the feedback form.

Some of the questions here are general, but most are answers to feedback/suggestions we have received.

1. I cannot see the YouTube video or the program Applet on the main page.
A. Make sure you have the minimum requirements fulfilled for your system. (see on the right.)

2. The program generates 0 timetables.
A. This is because there are conflicts with the sections you entered and no possible combination can be made. Try excluding those sections that you do not want from the preferences page.

3. Some sections do not show up in the display timetables.
A. We have noticed this bug too. Do note that the software is in beta stage. It will be fixed soon.

4. How do I copy/save the timetable in pdf, etc after it is created?
A. It is not possible to do so currently. We will add this feature in the next update. You can simply take a screenshot and save it for now.

5. My friends think that this job can be done with much less people...
A. This is very interesting, because I (Sulaiman) also initially planned on making it all by myself, its not that hard as your friends said. But yes, once the majors and everything starts, it becomes a real problem to keep the project moving forward... plus working on it as a team also gives a lot more experience than working alone.

6. I was thinking of doing exactly what you did but I was only one and my approach sucked big time because I used PHP and it wasn't exactly the right choice...
A. We are planning on rewriting the program in a web language next semester. I know Java applets are 10 years old, but the only reason I told our team to use it this time was because every IT student already knows java, so there's no time wasted in teaching web languages; and we only had 6-8 weeks to develop the software...

7. How about integrating it with banner/portal ?
A. Now that the registrar has seen how successful and useful the idea is, I hope they will allow us with read-only access to their database, that way we can simply read the data, with no need to copy-paste.

8. Did you think about reading the registrar tables directly from your program? There are methods to extract data from HTML (i.e HTML2TEXT)....
A. Yes we did consider HTML-GET methods, but they don't work since the page on registrars site is built on ASP and it loads the data dynamically, go to this link to see what I mean, it will be empty.

9. How about making the site interactive by letting students login and have the ability to save their timetables and modify them whenever they want....
A. Excellent idea! We will put it down in our list. You're welcome to join us if you are around :)

10. What is the component you used to draw the tables? I think it can help me in my work...
A. The component is called JTable, it was a lifesaver for us...

11. I noticed that, if any section having (REC or LAB) and (LEC) in the same CRN, your program will just consider the FIRST ROW ONLY!
A. Yes, we are aware of the issue, it will be fixed soon! But the combinations will still have the recitations taken care of, they are just undisplayed.

12. The browser hangs or closes unexpectedly especially Firefox.
A. Firefox is quite unstable when it comes to applets. Use Internet Explorer for best experience.

13. I'm having problems registering summer courses.
A. The software was intended for regular semesters only. The class timings in summer are different. Update: This issue has been fixed.

Updated 16th May 2010

Minimum System Requirements:

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  • Tutorial
  • Main Screen
  • Course Select
  • Preferences Page
  • Combinations
  • Done!

4 Simple Steps

  • 1. Visit the Registrar Website.
  • 2. Copy the courses/sections you want.
  • 3. Paste the text into our program.
        Repeat for other courses.
  • 4. Click Submit and voilà!